Confirmation of packet including race number and transponer.

Event Categories Important Points Appendix1 Appendix2
Citizen Road Race 210km -
Citizen Road Race 140km
Citizen Road Race 100km under 39
Citizen Road Race 100km over 40
Citizen Road Race 50km under 39 -
Citizen Road Race 50km Forty -
Citizen Road Race 50km Fifty -
Citizen Road Race 50km over 60 -
Challenge Road Race 50km under 39 -
Challenge Road Race 50km Forty -
Challenge Road Race 50km Over 50 -
Citizen Women's Road Race 50km -
Junior Highschool Road Race 50km -
Kids Race 10km -
Touring Around Okinawa Island Course 343k
Yanbaru Century Ride 176km -
Onna Village Family Cycling Course 70km -
Challenge Cycling Course 100km -
Ie Island Family Cycling Course 50km -
Iheyaa Island Cycling Course 73km -