Access to Nago City

Access map
To north the National Highway 58 to Nago City about 67km / 100km to Okuma Beach.

*By Yanbaru Express Bus
From Naha Airport to get off at Nago Shiyakusho-mae (Nago City Hall) then walk 1min.(¥1,600)
(Approximate travel time: 1hr.40min)

*By High Way Bus(Line No.111)
Catch bus No.111 at Naha Airport and get off at Nago Shiyakusho-mae(Nago City Hall) then walk 1min.(¥2,190)
(Approximate travel time: 1hr.40min)
Search the bus timetables(Route Finder Okinawa)

*By City Bus(Line No.120)
Catch bus No.120 at Naha Airport and get off at Hokubu-GOdochosha-mae then walk 5min.(¥1,940)
(Approximate travel time: 2hr.30min)

*The travel time listed above is approximate. Please use as a guide only. Please note that there may be different from the actual time in the traffic jam and such.

For information about city service, call those bus companies:
Ryukyu Bus 098-852-2530
Okinawa Bus 098-861-0385
Toyo Bus Naha office 098-947-1070
*Highway Bus only.
Yanbaru Express Bus website(Japanese)
*Operating Yanbaru Express Bus only.
Okinawa Bus Association 098-867-2316