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Name of Event Tour de Okinawa 2017
Date November 11th (Sat.)-12th (Sun.), 2017
Hosts NPO Tour de Okinawa Association
Okinawa Northern Region Wide-area Local Public Bodies
Japan Cycling Federation
Organizer Tour de Okinawa Organizing Committee
Sponsorship Cabinet office, Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry, Ministry of Education Science and Culture, Ministry of Land Infrastructure Transport and Tourism, Okinawa prefecture, Japan Keirin Association, Japan Bicycle Promotion institute, Japan Popularization association of Japn, Japan Cycling Association, Okinawa Cycling Association, Okinawa Cycling Federation, The meeting which pushes forward bicology, Okinawa Prefectural Board of Education, Okinawa Athletic Association, Okinawa Finance Association, Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau, Consulate General of America, Board of Education meeting Cities towns and villages in Kunigami region, The northern area meeting Cities towns and villages, Northern promotion society, The northern area medical society, Okinawa Construction industry association the northern branch office, Okinawa Construction industry group meeting, Northern district alliance women's society, Nago Junior Chamber, Chamber of commerce meeting northern district, Nago area traffic safety association, Motobu area traffic safety association, Ishikawa area traffic safety association, Nago city chamber of commerce, Nago city Tourism Association, Motobu town Tourism Association, Athletic association Kunigami region, Central area meeting Cities towns and villages office work association, South area meeting Cities towns and villages office work association
Special cooperation Okinawa Times Corporation, Ryukyu Broadcasting Corporation , NHK okinawa broadcast office
Support Northern area national highway office, Okinawa Northern area public works office, Kunugami district the administrative affairs association firefighting, headquarters, Nago city firefighting headquarters, Motobu town Nakigin town firefighting headquarters, Kin district firefighting public health association
Special cosponsor All Nippon Airways Corporation
How to Apply for Race/Cycling
  1. Application at Tour de Okinawa Office: Fill out entry form completely and submit it at the office in person, and pay the entry fee. 
  2. Online applicationFor more info → How to apply


  • As for an application of an entrant 18 y/o or younger, one of pareent/gurardian need to sign to prove parental consent.
  • As for an application of an entrant 70 y/o or older, he/she must submit a health certificate along with an application form to the organizing committee.
  • Please note that entry fee will not be refunded after the application procedure is completed. Period of Application: August 1st (Tue.)- September 30th (Sat.), 2017 (An entrant limit is set for eachcategory; application will be terminated before the deadline when the entrant limit is filled.)
Period of Application August 1st (Tue.)- September 30th (Sat.), 2017
(An entrant limit is set for each category; application will be terminated before the deadline when the entrant limit is filled.) cceptance or Rejection of Application Tour de Okinawa Organizing Committee soley and exclusively has the right to make the decision. Acceppted entrant will receive a vaucher exchangeble with body/frame numbers.
Awards Stipulation ◆The 1st-6th finisher of each citizens' road race category will be awarded.
◆The 1st-3rd finisher of each citizens' road race category will be awarded on the stage of awarding ceremony, whereas 4th-6th finishers will be awarded at the awarding center set up in a tent (booth) separated from the stage.
◆All finishers of every road race category will receive a certificate of completion with the organizer's proof for the finishing time.
◆All finishers of each cycling course (non-competitive) will receive a certificat of completion.
Notes Common to All Categories ◆As it is necesary for the organizing committee to inform all participants of critical locations, precausions, changes of compliance rules, etc. at the opening ceremony, please make sure to attend the ceremony. The committee may reject riders who failed to learn the necessary information for the safety of him/her self as well as for other riders.
◆The application must be completed before the offical deadline. No one can participate the race/cycling without being registered.
◆Public highways and local roads will be closed against automobiles after 6:30 AM on Nov. 12th (Sun.). Be sure to gather at the starting area at the designated time.
◆Although first-aid treatment will be delivered to a participant in sickness or being injured, all the cost for further medical treatment will be charged to the participant him/her sel. Every participant is responsible for having a medical insurance for the race and carry around the insurance card/note.
◆The race organizing committee needs to be notified of a participant's being involved in an accident before the bicyling event is over in order to be covered by the event insurance. Delayed or no notification will result in not being covered by the insurance.
◆Disobeying race rules will result in disqualification, and the race organizer will not take any responsibility for any consequence of it.
◆The organizer will take out insurance for bodily injury (hospital expenses and medical care: 1,500Each participant should take out insurance for bodily injury and material prejudice on his/her own.
◆Application form without sign for waiver and a release of liability will not be accepted. (In case of application online, agreement is necessary to complete.)
◆Automobiles that belong to participants or spectators must be parked at Nago Fishery Port during the race period (Nov. 11th (Sat.)- 12th (Sun.), 2017)
◆As a general rule, riders of the road races of this event must keep left side. Use of a cell phone while riding is prohibited.

Nov.10th Schedule Nov.11th Schedule Nov.12th Schedule

Road Race

All participant's bicycles must follow the JCF (Japan Cycling Federation) rules and regulations. MTB, Flat handle bars, DH attachments for the triathlon are not allowed. Finally, front and rear wheel size must be the same.

Racing bicycle regulations

  • All bicycles must have working front and rear brakes, and additionally must be completely man powered.
  • The following handle bar types are not allowed. Delta, Bullhorn, DH, Clip on, Spinach, End bar, and Drop handle bar attachments.
  • All bicycles must have working front and rear brakes, and additionally must be completely man powered.
  • Handle bars must have a safe design ( no sharp edges) and must have handle bar grips.
  • The following handle bar types are not allowed. Delta, Bullhorn, DH, Clip on, Spinach, End bar, and Drop handle bar attachments.
  • Lights, Dynamos, mirrors, baskets, bike stands, fenders, rear rack/ carriers, locks, saddlebags, and disk wheels are not allowed.

Race Rules

Time limit You must reach each check point within the alloted time for your particular course.If you exceed the alloted time, you will be disqualified.
Eligibility Please refer to the official rules for more detailed information.
All participants responsibilities : emergency first aid is provided by the race organization, however, hospitalization and any required aftercare costs must be assumed by the participant.
Equipment you are allowed to carry is limited to a spare tube, a repair kit, glasses, and a watch, you are not allow to carry glass bottles, or any dangerous objects. Beverages are allowed however, alcohol and drugs (such as doping) are strictly prohibited.
Trouble In the event of any bicycle trouble, you must perform any repairs on your own, after which you may continue the race. You may also, lend or borrow an air pump, but not any bicycle parts.
Helmets All participants must wear JCF approved helmets. Violators of this rule will be disqualified from the race.
Number of attached All participants must follow the guidelines for wearing their number identifiers.
Suspension order of the competition If ordered to quit the race by a race official or a doctor, you must immediately comply.
Sabotage If you interfere with the other racers or obstruct the course in any way, you will be disqualified.


All participants in the cycling events are allowed to use any bicycle that can be used on public roads, including MTB and small wheeled bicycles.

Cycling rules

  • This event is not a timed race. Follow all road rules and be respectful to other riders by not following to closely, cutting in front of other riders, and riding side by side. Try to keep single file while following the course.
  • You must wear helmets and gloves.
  • You are not allowed to have anyone accompany you in a car.
  • You must not pass the official lead car.
  • Do not pass the leading group of bicycle riders, They are race officials.
  • If you wish to quit for any reason, you must inform a race official.