Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 How do I apply for Tour de Okinawa?
There are two ways, see down below.
  • Online application
  • Application at Tour de Okinawa Office
More information click here.

Note)Please note that the application will be completed after we confirm your payment. Also each categories have capacity and restriction of age, read the outline and reguration of ture carefully.

Q2 How can I get a brochure with an application?
With Address, Name, Tel numbers, write 'Requested Tour de Okinawa 2018 application form' and with 150 yen stamp to Tour de Okinawa Association Office direct. Or, can get by collect mail if you want.
Q3 Is it acceptable to use a copied application form?
We accept the copied application form. But the application form has both sides have to write, so please copy the both sides of the application form and fill in all blanks and your signature either.
Q4 Do we have some notice to write in the application form?
Application form printed back and front side, write entry category/entry fee clearly. And participants signature and signet in back form.If there are deficiencies in information provided, you may accept to become invalid.
Note)As for an application of an entrant 18 y/o or younger, one of parent/guardian need to sign to prove parental consent.
Note)As for an application of an entrant 70 y/o or older, he/she must submit a health-report form along with an application form to the organizing committee.
If you need a health-report form, please use to download the health-report form.
Q5 How can I pay the entry fee?
There are differ from each entry ways.
■ Tour de Okinawa Office entry--- Bring your application form and entry fee direct at Tour de Okinawa office
■ Settlement by credit cards--- Entry from website
Q6 Is this possible to be refunded get entry fee?
No, please read the brochure and check the requirement carefully when applying.
Q7 Want to go by bicycle on that day. Is there a parking lot for the participants?
Event day, the temporary parking area is available at Nago fishing port. There is the no parking lot in the main places ( Nago down town ) All participate should be parking at Nago Fishing port, whole 10th(Sat.)-11th(Sun.) November.
Q8 Does any regulations of bicycle?
Yes, For riders who attend in Road Race divisions have to accepted by JCF ( Japan Cycling Federation )bike only. The mountain bike, the flat bar handlebar, bicycles are different sizes of the front wheel and the back wheel, and the triathlon bike which is along DH( down hill ) bar are not used.
Q9 Is the time limit assigned to Race?
Yes, riders entry the citizen road race divisions need to pass through the Check Points within the time limit. Riders could not pass through the Check point within the time limit will be disqualified.Eliminated riders are can't run, take in the shuttle bus, put in own bicycle to finish point.Check point time show up comming soon.
Q10 How about the supply point?
Riders can get water or sportdrink in each points, seeing down below.
Place 210km 140km 100km 50km
Fukugawa Dam 1st time
Fukugawa Dam 2nd time



Q11 Is there a maintenance service?
The maintenance service booth will be set up near the registration area on November 10th(Sat.).
Q12 Does any transport with citizen 140km, 100km to start point?
The Pick up bus is arranged for cyclists.
  • Case of cyclist who will stay at Kunigami village.Cyclists will be able to go to hotels in Kunigami village from Nago port by bus on November 10th(Sat.) Also we will keep the bicycle on November 10th(Sat.) and carry it to each Start Points.
  • Case of cyclists who will not stay at Kunigami village.No Bus which goes to kunigami village from Nago civic center is arranged on November 11th (sun.) (Race day)Cyclists have to get the Start Point of each races or take the bus which runs the parking lot of Resort Okuma to the Start Point individually.
*There are no places to park cars or bicycles on the parking lot of Resort Okuma, so if you get the parking lot of Okuma individually, please be given a ride to the parking lot of Resort Okuma or take a taxi.
Q13 Does any baggage transport with citizen 140km, 100km to goal point?
We've get baggages in front at Okuma hotel, the bus going to goal point at Nago port. Determined cyclist, more details when we are giving with ID cards.
*Keep own stuffs by yourself
Q14 How is the transportation to start point, participant who participate in two days event?
If participants attend in Yanabru Century Ride 175km, the finish is Nago port. If participants who entry the citizen 140km, 100km on next days, there are different start points each, reference to Q13. Participants who attend in other categories, move on to Nago down town by respective.
Q15 Is this necessary to accompany for children?
Schoolchild 1st-3rd grade are necessary to be accompanied. Schoolchild 4th-6th grade don't need accompanied. Schoolchild (whatever age) who entry Iheya island course or Izena island course are necessary to be accompanied. *We do not admitted to run with schoolchilds during cycling.
Q16 Do we have an lunch in attend on cycling?
Yes, Meal fee is included in entry fee, cyclists will be able to get some drinks and meals at the each feeding points.
Q17 How is the transportation to start point, participant who participate in two days event?
We have a baggage transport bus, and entry fee has including with 11th night. *Keep own stuffs by yourself.
Q18 Could stay with before and after in Touring Around Okinawa Island Course 336km?
No, we do not including except stay, please keep room by yourself.
Q19 Is this possible to ask to arrange that staying for an attendant?
We can arrange that staying same hotel for an attendant but it depends on hotel’s room vacancy. If same team mate can stay in room, but circumstanced by room vacancy. Ask Tour desk.
Address: Nago Tour Center Tour de Okinawa Desk
TEL 0980-53-7500
Q20 How do I transport the bicycle from mainland Japan to Okinawa?
Packing own bicycle to bring with air-place by baggage. B. Use delivery services.Please use the delivery service but make sure yourself is hotel is possible to take delivery bicycle. The Tour de Okinawa Association is not responsible for the maintenance of the bicycle. And please note that the air cylinder not carried into the airplane as a baggage.
Q21 Is possible to send the bicycle from the main place of Tour de Okinawa after the event?
11th(Sun.) only, we preparation for the delivery service at Nago port.
Q22 There are not let know us the completion for register.
We do not telling the completion for participants, there will be get details on late of October with ID cards.